Film Heaven!

A well-made film you should try to see.

An average film. Enjoyable, but not memorable.

Only see if you
LOVE the actors
or genre.

No redeeming value whatsoever.

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Here you'll find links to all the film reviews currently available on this site. This list does not include every movie I've ever seen because no one has that much time on their hands. Some days I wish I did. I'm adding 4-5 new reviews every week so keep checking back. Not all of them will be new releases because even if I had the time to see all of them, some are not worth it from the get go, so why torture myself.

Hopefully, you'll find a review of a film you've been dying to see, but are unsure if it's worth your time or one of your favorites and you want to see what I think about it. I try to be as honest and fair as possible, but I have my likes and dislikes as well. For a list of what I think are some of the best films out there, check out my Film Heaven section.


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