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Lucille Ball
Henry Fonda
Van Johnson
Louise Troy
Sidney Miller
Tom Bosley
Nancy Howard
Walter Brooke
Tim Matheson
Gil Rogers
Nancy Roth

Melville Shavelson



Time: 111 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Family Comedy

SYNOPSIS: Two recently widowed parents with large families meet, fall in love and choose to marry despite the overwhelming numbers. Their unexpected happiness is put to the test by day to day living with 18 children who are not all pleased with the new arrangement.

BOTTOM LINE: Clearly the inspiration for "The Brady Bunch", this film, based on a real life family, has alot in common with that popular, if corny sitcom. It's sweet, silly and unabashedly wholesome. The unlikely parents are played with great spirit and humor by Lucille Ball (who steals the show) and Henry Fonda, who seems thoroughly displeased with this assignment. Though he's supposed to be an uptight military man, so his peevishness sort of works.

Frank and Helen meet, find the reality of their families sizez ridiculous and proceed to fall madly in love. Most of the humor comes in the form of physical comedy, following the various groups of kids and their efforts to first stop the wedding and then to make life a living hell to punish their parents for turning their lives upside down. The situations are fairly typical for a large family and therefore won't be laugh out loud funny to most people, but you certainly will be able to relate. Only children will most likely be horrified.

On top of food issues, several burgeoning adolescents and a constant stream of complaining, they somehow find themselves pregnant. How they found a moments peace or an empty room in which to have sex is a mystery. This event would seem over-the-top, if it didn't happen to be true. Fonda and Ball have good chemistry and use their respective talents with hilarious and endearing results. The kids are kids, which is exactly as it should be. YOURS is nothing special, but it is a fun, quaint film the whole family can enjoy, if only to appreciate the relative sanity of your own life.

"It was a typical wedding: enemies of the bride on the right, enemies of the groom on the left."

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