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Fred Astaire
Rita Hayworth
Adolphe Menjou
Isobel Elsom
Leslie Brooks
Adele Mara
Gus Schilling
Barbara Brown
Douglas Leavitt
Xavier Cugat

William A. Seiter



Time: 97 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Musical/Comedy

Academy Award nominations for Best Score, Sound and Song.

SYNOPSIS: A wealthy Argentinian businessman (Menjou) is desperate to marry off his headstrong second daughter (Hayworth), so he invents a secret lover to court her. His plan backfires when she assumes an American dancer (Astaire) is her new admirer, much to her father's horror.

BOTTOM LINE: What one expects from a pairing of Hollywood's most elegant dancer and most enticing love goddesses is never fully realized in this average song and dance romance. It's not a stretch to understand why these two legends were paired together. Astaire gives Hayworth class, and she gives him sex appeal. It's too bad their talent is tied down by a mediocre script and so-so musical numbers. The dancing is lovely, as always, it's just nothing innovative, if you've seen other Astaire flicks. Despite his suave ways, he's not in the same league as Rita and that makes the plot even less believable.

Astaire plays an entertainer, as usual, looking for employment in South America. Hayworth, the most admired daughter of the man he's trying to work for. After an emotionally chilly first meeting, Astaire and Hayworth fall madly in love due to mistaken identity, parental shenanigans and moonlight serenades. Their newfound love is put to the test when it's revealed that Astaire wasn't the man she thought he was. Despite her hurt feelings, Rita can't resist him and is soon dancing the night away in his arms.

Not the most original plot, but Astaire and Hayworth do the best they can and while they're onscreen together the experience is pleasant enough. Surprisingly, Hayworth holds her own in the singing and dancing departments. She's no Ginger Rogers, but that makes the dance numbers seem more original than they probably are. The costumes and sets are attractive as always. This film is not as witty or innovative as the Astaire/Rogers flicks, but if you like musicals it's relatively entertaining.

"Would it be rude of me to inquire if there is any insanity in your family?"

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