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David Duchovny
Gillian Anderson
Amanda Peet
Billy Connolly
Mitch Pileggi
Callum Keith Rennie
Adam Godley
Nicki Aycox
Marco Niccoli

Chris Carter



Time: 104 mins.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama/Mystery/Crime/Sci-Fi

SYNOPSIS: Scully and Mulder are brought together again when a special case requires Mulder's expertise, and Scully is prevailed upon to find him. The case involves a pedophile priest who claims he is having psychic visions regarding the whereabouts of a missing FBI agent.

BOTTOM LINE: Being such a big fan of the original series – until Duchovny left and it all went to hell – I was kind of excited to revisit these old friends and their wacky world of mystery and mayhem. Unfornately, this film delivers too little of the series spirit and not enough thrills or chills to make the effort worth the time spent. The story just wasn't intriguing or original enough to warrant a feature-length film. It just seemed dated and tired from the very beginning. Was I happy to see Mulder and Scully on the trail of bad guys once again. Sure, I just wish they were solving a mystery worthy of bringing them out of retrirement. Duchovny clearly did this film for the paycheck, because he couldn't have looked or acted more bored to be there. Granted he wasn't given much to do, but still...

Anderson had the juicier role to play here. Scully has turned her back on the FBI and is now a doctor trying to save lives. Her relationship with Mulder is complex and clearly now romantic, but she still has bigger balls than he does and is unwilling to get sucked back into their past. She no longer needs that world to make her feel important and useful. Unfortunately he does, and that's really the film's main source of tension, which just isn't enough to sustain the whisper thin plot. As good as Billy Connelly is as the supposedly pychic ex-priest, I didn't really care about him or the FBI agent they were trying to save. We knew she was doomed from the start. The reason for her kidnapping was creepy and demented, but also fairly silly. Unless of course, you were one of the people these crazies were torturing.

Amanda Peet shows great spunk as the current FBI agent who turns to Mulder for help. She's smart enough to know some things can't be explained and is willing to use any means at her disposal to find her missing comrade. Things don't turn out quite like she hoped, which is supposed to crank up the plot's intensity, but most of the plots twists and turns aren't as shocking or surprising as Carter and Company thought they would be. The search and rescue all had a been there/seen that quality that wasn't helped by the lackluster art direction and slow pacing. Science Fiction has evolved greatly thanks to this series, but unfortunately it's creator failed to see the genre's new reality and is stuck painfully in the past. The worst thing I can say about this film is that I was bored. Am so glad I didn't pay to see it. For super fans of the series only.

"This isn't my life anymore, Mulder. I'm done chasing monsters in the dark."

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