Clark Gable
Jean Harlow
Myrna Loy
May Robson
George Barbier
James Stewart
Hobart Cavanaugh
Tom Dugan
Gilbert Emery

Clarence Brown

Time: 88 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama
SYNOPSIS: Linda Stanhope isn't jealous of beautiful Whitey Wilson, secretary to her magazine publisher husband Van. That is until his mother plants the seed of doubt, sending Linda on a wild goose chase to prove her wrong.

BOTTOM LINE: More entertaining than the title suggest, this romantic comedy uses the massive talent of its' three stars to add spark and humor to a potentially unsavory topic – a man cheating on his wife with his secretary. Gable plays the man in the middle with such sweetness, intelligence and affection the audience never for a moment questions his love for Loy, who plays his equally charming wife. Sure, Harlow oozes sex appeal as his indispensable secretary, but even her obvious assets don't compare to the honest connection Gable and Loy share. That being said, after some offhand remarks by her lady friends, Loy begins to suspect that there's something fishy going on between her loving hubby and his girl Friday. They are spending a lot of time together, but it's not what she thinks. They're working desperately to pull off a business deal that depends on total secrecy to succeed. A company trip out of the country brings Loy's worst fears to light and places Harlow in the position she's been dreaming of. This being a comedy, all's well that ends well, with Harlow showing her character is deeper than the sum of her parts. Loy pulls off the role of the jealous wife with sincerity and class. Gable proves why he's the man of every girl's dream. Stewart is wasted here as Harlow's long-suffering boyfriend. The snappy dialogue, gorgeous cast and romantic chemistry make this classic about love and marriage a delight, even though it's not exactly one of the best films any of them ever made.