Sandra Bullock
Bill Pullman
Peter Gallagher
Peter Boyle
Jack Warden
Glynis Johns
Jason Bernard
Ally Walker

Jon Turtletaub

"He'd get these far off looks in his eys and he'd say "life doesn't always turn out like you planned." I wish I realized at the time that he was talking about MY life."
Time: 103 mins.
Rating: PG
Genre: Romantic Comedy
SYNOPSIS: A lonely city worker rescues the man of her dreams only to swept into a web of lies she can't seem to squirm her way out of. Her newfound acceptance into the bosom of his family makes telling the truth even more difficult – that is until she meets his brother.

BOTTOM LINE: This has to be, hands down, Sandra Bullock's best movie, which may not exactly be a ringing endorsement, but at least it puts her career in perspective. She is this generations girl-next-door and when she capitalizes on that quality, as well as her comic timing, she pretty much nails it out of the park. This quirky romantic comedy has her playing Lucy, a transit ticket booth worker secretly in love with a businessman (Gallagher) who walks by her every morning. A twist of fate gives her the chance to save his life, however, it also places him in a coma. Things get out of hand when she accidently passes herself off as his fiancee. His entire family welcomes her with open arms, except his brother Jack (Pullman), who knows there's something not quite right about the situation. Needless to say, the more Jack gets to know her, the more he really likes her. In the end, her lies are exposed, but she still finds true love – just not with the man of her dreams. The silliness and creepiness of the plot is forgotten in the light of the lovely and funny performances given by the entire cast. Pullman and Bullock have wonderful chemistry together. This is Bullock's first starring role and it's clear from the get go that she can handle the pressure. She's sweet, smart, honest and self-effacing, doing whatever it takes to get the laugh. It's too bad more of her films don't showcase this side of her talent.