Frank D'Amico
Denise Crosby
Majel Barrett
LeVar Burton
James Doohan
Michael Dorn
Jonathan Frakes
DeForest Kelley

Roger Nygard

Time: 86 mins.
Rating: PG
Genre: Documentary/Comedy
Though I've seen many of the STAR TREK films and periodically watched the various series, nothing could've prepared me for the experience of TREKKIES. This documentary basically takes you into the world of the ultimate STAR TREK fans...the trekkies. It is an honest, funny and at times frightening look at the lives of these obsessed fans. They may think that their behavior is normal, that it just comes out of love, but for everyone else watching this film you will wonder if the loony bin is big enough to hold all of these people.

TREKKIES basically follows the lives of several fans met at various TREK conventions around the country. Denise Crosby, who played a role the first season of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, is the film's main narrator and interviewer. Along with delving into the lives of these Trekkies, the filmmakers also talk to just about every cast member from the original and current series about their meetings and thoughts regarding their fans. Though most of them have had positive experiences over the years from fan mail to actual meetings at conventions, several of the stories will make your hair stand on end.

The Trekkies see themselves as completely normal. The film occasionally pokes fun at them, but can it be considered hurtful or mean if the people are unaware we think they're funny? They are truly living in their own warped realities, preferring to "live" in the Star Trek world. They all seem fairly harmless, but I do question their sanity. Do I have a problem with a woman wearing her Star Fleet uniform to work, while she serves on a jury and makes her co-workers call her "Commander"? Not really, but then again what has she ever done to deserve the title. Would I go to a dentist who's entire staff wears Star Fleet uniforms and whose office is decorated like a ship out of the series? I don't think so. It may make going to the dentist a little more fun, but I'm looking for someone a bit more stable if they're going to have their hands in my mouth.

There are many more unusual characters you meet in the course of this film. Some people (i.e. fans) may find it a bit cruel at times, but this is a documentary and everything you see and hear comes straight from the persons mouth...and they don't seem to be complaining. Fan or no fan, it will make you think about the power of the media and the fact that there are some really strange people wandering the planet. Harmless, but off-kilter none-the-less. This is SPINAL TAP for the STAR TREK genre. If you want to laugh, you have to see this film.