Lucille Ball
Richard Carlson
Eddie Bracken
Frances Langford
Desi Arnez
Ann Miller
Hal Le Roy
Libby Bennett
Harry Shannon
Douglas Walton

George Abbott

"Well, I'm not exactly wonderful, but I'm awfully attractive in a dynamic sort of way."
Time: 85 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Comedy/Musical/Romance
SYNOPSIS: A spoiled heiress, who finally decides to do something with her life, is unknowingly followed to a tiny, southwestern college by four Ivy League football players paid by her father to go to school with her and keep her out of man trouble.

BOTTOM LINE: Ball goes from the background to leading lady status in this mundane musical that surely helped her personal life more than her career. At 29-years-old, she's way too old to be playing a co-ed, even one who starts later than most. She sticks out like a sore thumb, lacking energy and the talent to sing (her voice is poorly dubbed) and dance, which is pretty much all that happens here. In between all the raucous musical numbers, mostly memorable for their frantic exuberance, she's romanced by two men – a sophisticated playright Beverly Waverly (Walton) and one of her adorable bodyguards Clint Kelly (Carlson) – who both fail to generate a spark with their supposed true love. What little story there is forces her to fall for the elusive Clint, who interests her mostly because he doesn't pursue her (it's against the bodyguard contract). Though the same age, Carlson comes off more like Ball's little brother than the man of her dreams. Since their romance fails to produce any heat, the film merely meanders along, with only the singing, dancing and football creating any excitement or interest. Unlike his future wife, Desi Arnez lights up the screen in his first appearance as a singer/football player from South America. His sweet sexiness and co-star Bracken's sarcastic charm give the film some of it's only funny moments. By failing to use Ball's talent for comedy, both verbal and physical, and to get a stronger leading man, the film dooms itself to mediocrity. Even Lucy fans will fail to be entertained.