Kevin Costner
Rene Russo
Don Johnson
Cheech Marin
Linda Hart
Dennis Burkley
Rex Linn
Lou Myers
Richard Lineback

Ron Shelton

"Sex and golf are the two things you can enjoy even if you're not good at them."
Time: 135 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Comedy/Romance/Sports
CAPSULE REVIEW –– This is definitely the most goofy of Costner's sports movies, which is a good thing because the sport in question is golf. Most people would rather watch paint dry than this gentleman's game, but Costner and company manage to make it not only interesting, but downright fun. Costner plays a once promising golf pro, stranded in nowhere Texas who runs a crappy driving range. With no money and no future, Roy falls for a lovely, yet uncoordinated shrink played by Russo. She's looking for lessons to impress her boyfriend, who's a top-ranked golfer and Roy's bitter, long-time rival. Craziness ensues as Roy tries to qualify for the US Open and win Molly's heart. The final sequence with Roy and Simms (Johnson) battling it out for the trophy goes on a little too long, but it's definitely not boring. Ron Shelton brings his deft comic touch once again to the screen. Much like BULL DURHAM, this is a film that respects the game, while showcasing its inherent tendency for drama and humor. Johnson gives his best turn in years. The supporting cast, especially Marin as Roy's caddy, is hysterical. Russo proves there's comic talent behind her sultry good looks. Costner gives a sexy, honest and likeable performance as a man who refuses to give up on his talent. He and Russo have wonderful chemistry together, both willing to be as silly as it takes to find true love.