Mel Gibson
Michelle Pfeiffer
Kurt Russell
Raul Julia
J.T. Walsh
Arliss Howard
Arye Gross
Gabrial Damon
Garrett Pearson
Eric Thiele
Tom Nolan

Robert Towne

"Somethin' the matter, Nick? Because your lips keep sticking to your teeth. Or is that your idea of a smile?"
Time: 116 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Drama/Romance/Thriller

Academy Award nomination for Best Cinematography.
SYNOPSIS: Loyalties are tested and tension is high when two old high school friends – one a cop, the other a drug dealer – vie for the affections of the same woman while waiting for a major drug bust to go down.

BOTTOM LINE: A film that succeeds mainly due to the charisma of its' gorgeous and talented cast. After all, it's not everyday that a woman, even one as stunning as Pfeiffer, gets to sleep with two men as lovely to look at as Mel and Kurt. Towne tries to make the plot as sexy and intriguing as his stars, but the machinations feel forced and don't add up to anything as electric as the chemistry between the characters. Kurt and Mel play old high school friends, now on different sides of the law. Russell, a cop, is supposed to be the good guy. Gibson, a retired drug dealer, the bad. As Pfeiffer learns, things aren't always as black and white as they seem. The plot revolves around the appearance of Carlos (Julia) an old acquaintance of Gibson's. The cops have been watching Gibson in an effort to catch both he and Carlos transferring product and cash in order to put them away for good. Pfeiffer, an innocent restranteur hostess, gets caught in the crossfire as these two old friends attempt to keep their promises without getting hurt. Pfeiffer proves she's more than just a pretty face, though that's mainly what her role demands. Russell and Gibson each add depth to what could have been stock characters. The film has enough moments of surprise, romance, action and humor to satisfy most viewers. A decent romantic thriller that would have sunk into oblivion if not for Gibson and Pfeiffer.