Michael J. Fox
James Hampton
Susan Ursitti
Jerry Levine
Matt Adler
Lorie Griffin
Jim McKrell
Mark Arnold
Jay Tarses

Rod Daniel

Time: 91 mins.
Rating: PG
Genre: Comedy
SYNOPSIS: A regular high school kid becomes king of the school when he hits puberty and turns into a werewolf. HIs family curse makes his dreams come true and enables him to find his true love.

BOTTOM LINE: Every actor has a film from their early days they wish would disappear forever. This first foray onto the big screen could be that movie for Fox if he wasn't so damn charming in it. He plays a seemingly normal teenager attempting to survive the rigors of high school, all while trying to get the girl of his dreams to notice his existence. He's not the nerdiest kid in his class, but he's not "captain of the football team" material either. Of course, he's so blinded by his obsession with Pamela that he's unaware of the first-rate girl right under his nose. His sudden change into a werewolf – a problem of heredity – initially makes him a freak, however, when his special talents become useful to his classmates he becomes the king of the school. The lesson he eventually learns is that his true friends are the ones who thought he was special all along. It's exceedingly obvious and sappy, though Fox gives a fairly sweet and honest performance under the makeup and despite the silliness of the story. What's most amazing about this film is that it was made the same year as BACK TO THE FUTURE. His evolution from one to the other is mindboggling. It goes to show how important a good script really is. Fox is the best thing about TEEN WOLF, but he's not good enough to save it from being an extremely mediocre high school comedy. Only major fans should bother.