Robert Redford
Faye Dunaway
Cliff Robertson
Max von Sydow
John Houseman
Addison Powell
Walter McGinn
Tina Chen
Michael Kane

Sydney Pollack

"You know, you guys are amazing. You think not getting caught in a lie is the same thing as telling the truth!"
Time: 117 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Thriller/Romance/Action

Academy Award nomination for Best Film Editing.
SYNOPSIS: A bookish CIA researcher finds all his co-workers dead, and must outwit those responsible until he figures out who he can really trust.

BOTTOM LINE: This film is one of those classic pics that I find myself watching over and over again. Redford and Dunaway are at the height of their beauty and power in this simple tale of love and deception. Though the plot isn't all that complicated, the pacing and editing make it more intriguing than it should be. That and Redford's performance as the CIA operative on the run for his life. The film opens with him going out for lunch and returning to find all of his co-workers murdered. Sure, they work for the CIA, but all they do is read. He has no idea why this happened, but knows that whoever ordered the hit, will be looking for him. Unsure who to trust, including the Agency, he kidnaps a young woman, forcing her to take him home so he can have a place to rest and think. The love story aspect of this movie is beyond unbelievable (and the reason it only got 3 stars). I guess it would be hard to resist someone who looks like Redford, especially if he had you at gunpoint. Regardless, it fills the time while he figures out why his division was hit. The reason is nothing spectacular, but how he comes to the conclusion is intelligent and interesting. All that reading about spies really comes in handy, helping him to stay alive. Von Sydow and Dunaway add spark and humor to the proceedings. A classy, smart, well-produced little thriller.