Paul Rudd
Courtney Love
Ben Affleck
Martha Plimpton
Dave Chappelle
Christina Ricci
Gaby Hoffman
Jay Mohr
Kate Hudson
Brian McCardie
Janeane Garofalo
Casey Affleck

Risa Bramon Garcia

"Those clothes and my clothes would look good on my floor."
Time: 101 mins.
Rating: R
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Genre: Comedy/Romance
SYNOPSIS: Set during one long evening on New Year's Eve set in 1981 in New York's Lower East Village, which follows a dozen 20-something people going (but not really trying) to a New Year's Eve loft party while dealing with their life problems.

BOTTOM LINE: I guess one should take the hint that if a film with an all-star cast tanks at the box office there's a really good reason why. In this case, it's because there's not one funny situation or likable character. Maybe they all wanted to do this movie so that they could experience a little of the 80s, most of the cast having been in diapers in 1981. I can't really thing of any other compelling reason they would want to be in this flick. It all takes place on New Year's Eve with a myriad of characters all trying to find love on their way to a friend's party. To begin with, there's just so many characters, you never get to know any of them very well. They are all caricatures with no depth or uniqueness whatsoever. The only one who stands out as a decent human being is Kate Hudson's Cindy, a naive girl looking for love from a lothario. Everyone else wallows in their callous, arrogant New Yorkness. Martha Plimpton is mildly amusing as the woman throwing the party who spends most of the night terrified no one's going to show and gets progressively loaded as the evening wears on. Dave Chappelle provides the only laughs as the stoned cab driver who happens to pick up most of our friends, doling out "sage" advice during their ride. Ben Affleck puts in one of his more charming performances mainly because he has very little dialogue. I watched this because I had nothing better to do. Beware boredom.