Keanu Reeves
Dennis Hopper
Sandra Bullock
Joe Morton
Jeff Daniels
Alan Ruck
Glenn Plummer
Richard Lineback
Beth Grant

Jan de Bont

Howard Payne: "There will come a time, boy, when you'll wish you never met me."
Jack Traven: "Mister, I'm already there."
Time: 116 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Action/Thriller

Won Academy Awards for Best Sound Effects Editing and Best Sound. Nomination for Best Film Editing.
If you're looking for a cinematic experience that will give you a pure adrenaline rush, you won't do better than SPEED. It's a high-concept film that could have gone very wrong, but it perfectly walks the tightrope between believable and absurd while keeping you on the edge of your seat. Given the plot – bomb on a bus which can't slow down – great acting isn't expected or even needed, yet Reeves gives one of his best performances as the LAPD cop trying to keep both the bus passengers and random bystanders alive. His character's stoic, man-of-action persona works to his advantage, keeping the dialogue to a minimum while still giving him plenty to do. In this instance, his lack of energy brings us sense of calm into the storm. In her first major role, Bullock literally takes the wheel and steals the show. She brings class and comedy to the proceedings, making you truly care about her character's immediate future. I was extremely skeptical about this film when I first heard about it. How interesting can a film be that merely follows a speeding bus around Los Angeles for 2 hours? Well, the subplot surrounding the wack job, played by Hopper, who caused the problem in the first place is quite intricate and well-written, considering the talent involved. It's no DIE HARD, but it makes for interesting filler when the film steps back from the antics with the bus. The real stars here are the action sequences, which are very well-crafted and highly imaginable considering the limitations of the plot. It can't have been easy to dream up exciting and dangerous scenes with a bus that were still realistic. This film goes to show you what great effects and outstanding film editing can bring to an average script. In this case, they make an eminently fun summer flick.