Michael Madsen
Marg Helgenberger
Natasha Henstridge
Mykelti Williamson
Justin Lazard
George Dzundza
James Cromwell
Myriam Cyr
Sarah Wynter

Peter Medak

Time: 93 mins.
Rating: R
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Genre: Science Fiction/Action/Horror
CAPSULE REVIEW –– They tried to seriously tell this story of alien DNA gone awry in the original with decent results. This time around, they camp it up, making the decent plot and respectably bloody special effects play better than they should. What's more scary than the aliens in this one is the acting, especially by Madsen and Helgenberger, two thespians who have performed better and were clearly in this for the cash. Equally disturbing is the fact that I was compelled to watch all the way through. The story begins with the first successful mission to Mars, which results in more than accolades to the astronauts. They are infected with alien DNA, which becomes deadly to anyone who has sex with them. Another reason to avoid one night stands. The government, with the help of Madsen and Helgenberger, must kill the space heroes before their offspring take over the planet. Henstridge resumes her half human/half alien role. Only this time, she uses her alien powers to help them find her sexually lethal compatriot. She actually gives this film a touch of heart. The only other standout is Williamson, who steals the show as the astronaut whose defective DNA defeats the alien population explosion. Not as thrilling and intense as the original, yet the action and gore will satisfy sci-fi fans who have a sense of humor.