Barbara Stanwyck
Burt Lancaster
Ann Richards
Wendall Corey
Harold Vermilyea
Ed Begley
Leif Erickson
William Conrad
John Bromfield
Jimmy Hunt
Dorothy Neumann

Anatole Litvak

"Besides, what does a dame like you want with a guy like me?"
Time: 89 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Film Noir

Academy Award nomination for Best Actress (Stanwyck).
CAPSULE REVIEW –– There was no one better in old Hollywood at playing the beautiful, intelligent conniving dame than Barbara Stanwyck. She could play the nice, fun girl too, but I prefer her in her man-eating roles. In this film noir, she does both as the once cold-hearted rich girl who seduced her husband, played by Lancaster, into marrying her with dreams of money and a better life. Then, years later, finds herself a bed-ridden invalid who's lost his love. The telephone is usually her lifeline, but on this particular evening it foreshadows her impending doom. An intercepted phone call becomes the catalyst that sends her on a frantic search for her husband's whereabouts and the truth behind his apparent secret life. It's terribly compelling fun watching this once strong, confident women unravel before your very eyes, devastated by the pile of lies her life has become and her inability to save herself. Lancaster is attractive and brutal as her husband, a man trapped by his own desires for wealth and independence who's illegal activities put an end to this unhappy marriage once and for all. The mystery behind Lancaster's activities is interesting enough to keep the story moving, though it's his and Stanwyck's performances that impress, raising the level of this fairly ordinary thriller. A good flick for a rainy day.