Christopher Reeve
Jane Seymour
Christopher Plummer
Teresa Wright
Bill Erwin
George Voskovec
Susan French
John Alvin
Eddra Gale

Jeannot Szwarc

Time: 103 mins.
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Fantasy

Academy Award nomination for Best Costume Design.
CAPSULE REVIEW –– I know, how could I like this movie? Well, I guess I'm just a softy at heart. This was filmed at what could only be considered the height of Reeve's career and sexual attractiveness. What he brings to the table besides his towering physique and irresistible smile, is piercing intelligence and a wide range of emotions. The story casts Reeve as a successful playwright in 1976 who travels back in time to 1912 to win the heart of a world-famous actress played by Seymour. Why he's compelled and how he makes the journey are part of the film's mystery and appeal. Let's just say if you're familiar with the novel TIME AFTER TIME, you won't be too surprised by his method of transportation. Once he reaches the past, the film becomes more of a straightforward romance with all the strum, drag and passion that implies. Of course, this being a PG film about a couple living in 1912, the hottest it gets is a few deep kisses and a morning after breakfast. However, Reeve and Seymour have great chemistry and portray their love with a sincerity and tenderness sorely lacking in today's efforts. What raises this film above the average are the costumes, acting and romance-inspiring score. Overall a decent effort with an interesting story, if a somewhat pat and overblown ending. Only die-hard romantics need apply.