Julia Roberts
Dennis Quaid
Robert Duvall
Gena Rowlands
Kyra Sedgwick
Brett Cullen
Haley Aull
Muse Watson
Anne Shropshire

Lasse Hallstrom

Georgia: "What on earth was he thinking of?"
Emma Rae: "Prob'ly the same thing he was thinkin' with."
Time: 106 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Romance/Drama
CAPSULE REVIEW –– An all-star cast makes this dramedy about love and marriage more enjoyable than it should be. Roberts is fairly funny and highly sympathetic as a wife and mother who tries to retake control of her life after discovering her husbands philandering ways. Somewhere along the way, Grace (Roberts) and Eddie (Quaid) have lost the joy in their marriage. Eddie sought solace in the arms of others, while Grace poured her energy into the stable she runs for her extremely controlling father (Duvall). Grace loses all sense of decorum when she sees Eddie kissing a colleague, disrupting the town and dividing her family. Her parents want her to pretend it never happened, her daughter misses her father and her sister (Sedgwick) makes sure Eddie knows exactly what a pig he's been. Of course, it wasn't all Eddie's fault. Grace gave up her own dreams and his cheating becomes the kick in the pants she needs to get her life back on track. She also inspires her mother (Rowlands) to make a few needed changes in her own marriage. This quirky view of life and love, dreams and responsibilities has it's fun and engaging moments, yet it never quite gels completely. There are too many characters and subplots that take away from the core story. However, the solid, honest writing make it entertaining enough.