Sally Field
Kevin Kline
Robert Downey Jr.
Cathy Moriarty
Elisabeth Shue
Whoopi Goldberg
Teri Hatcher
Garry Marshall
Kathy Najimy

Michael Hoffman

"Actors don't like to play coma. They feel it limits their range."
Time: 97 mins.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Comedy/Romance
CAPSULE REVIEW –– A first-rate cast turns the world of Daytime TV inside out in this wacky, outrageous send-up of soap operas...and the actors who bring them to life. Field and Kline are hysterical as two feuding super stars who once found love offscreen and are forced to reconcile on camera in front of the world. Field is also battling for her job, waiting for her younger co-stars to finally knock her off the top of the mountain. The oversize egos and back stage backstabbing keep this appropriately unbelievable plot moving at roller coaster speed, twisting and turning in directions that will make you gasp with laughter. Shue's earnest presence – as Field's naive niece desperate to break into the business – modulates the craziness, giving the film depth and heart. Goldberg is perfectly cast as the dry-witted head writer, with Downey Jr. giving her stiff competition as the show's slimy, sex-crazed producer. Moriarty and Hatcher are wickedly bitchy as the ingenues willing to do anything or anybody for a bigger storyline. A clever, funny, energetic film that doesn't take itself too seriously, doing anything for a laugh – which is its' main problem. The film begins at a fever pitch and cranks up the emotions from there, making it hard to relate to the characters. However, with a cast like this, you won't really care. Entertaining, but not memorable.