Woody Allen
Tracey Ullman
Hugh Grant
Elaine May
Michael Rappaport
Tony Darrow
Jon Lovitz
Carolyn Saxon

Woody Allen

Time: 94 mins.
Rating: PG
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Genre: Comedy
CAPSULE REVIEW –– Allen departs from his typical love woes in this caper flick about money and marriage. Not only is he relatively angst-free, for Woody, he's cast a more comedically-orientated and age-appropriate leading lady in Ullman. Allen plays Ray Winkler, a petty criminal with a plan. He and his buddies are going to rob their local bank by tunneling under the streets of Manhattan and into the vault. As a front for the operation, he convinces his wife Frenchy (Ullman) to sell cookies in the space above their endeavor. Her tasty treats soon have the group rolling in dough and spawning a million-dollar cookie empire. Instead of being a dream come true, their new wealth strains their marriage as Frenchy tries to raise their social status, much to Ray's dismay. A whirl of charity parties and French lessons is not what Ray had in mind when he dreamed up the heist. They go their own ways, only to learn the hard way that they had everything they ever wanted when they were poor – each other. The film has its' funny moments, but it never really strings together a coherent mood or storyline. The best scenes pit Allen and Ullman against one another and there just aren't enough of those to make the whole film enjoyable. This film is no better or worse than most of Allen's latest flicks. A quaint, silly trifle.