Julia Roberts
Patrick Bergin
Kevin Anderson
Elizabeth Lawrence
Kyle Secor
Claudette Nevins
Tony Abatemarco

Jospeh Ruben

"I can't live without you. And I won't let you live without me."
Time: 99 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Thriller/Romance
CAPSULE REVIEW –– My guess as to why Julia would choose this mediocre movie as her follow-up to PRETTY WOMAN is that she wanted to prove she was a serious actress who has more going for her than her long legs and wide smile. Personally, I think she does, but movies like this only hurt her reputation. She isn't given much to do here except look scared and act nervous, not very compelling or attractive. The basic plot has her escaping from her abusive husband – played coldly and maliciously by the creepy Patrick Bergin – by faking her own death. She then attempts to regain control of her life by moving to a small town and beginning again...under an assumed name of course. It goes without saying that he tracks her down and wreaks havoc on her world, including kicking around new boyfriend played by Anderson. If it weren't for the incredibly hokey ending, I would have given this movie at least another 1/2 point more. However, it strays into horror territory, which makes this taut, if fairly conventional thriller, turn ridiculous and silly. There's nothing overly unique about the situations portrayed here, but the acting and direction manage to give it more spark and scare then lies on the page. Not a memorable effort, but not the worst way to pass your time...if you're a Robert's fan. Otherwise, it's a film you could live without.