Amber Tamblyn
Alexis Bledel
America Ferrera
Blake Lively
Jenna Boyd
Bradley Whitford
Nancy Travis
Rachel Ticotin
Mike Vogel
Michael Rady

Ken Kwapis

"I think we may have been very, very wrong about the pants. The one time I wore them I almost drowned."
Time: 119 mins.
Rating: PG
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Genre: Drama/Romance
SYNOPSIS: As four best friends spend their first summer apart from one another, they share a magical pair of jeans that fits each of them perfectly despite being different sizes. To keep in touch they pass these pants to each other as well as the adventures they are going through while apart.

BOTTOM LINE: Being significantly out of the demographic for this film, I wasn't sure what to expect. I was more than pleasantly surprised by the experience, enjoying the time spent with the Sisterhood. Most of the credit goes to the four young ladies who play the wildly different teens forced one summer to not only be apart for the first time, but to confront the joys and sorrows of the quickly encroaching adult world. The reality of a pair of jeans that fits them all perfectly is pure fantasy, yet a clever ploy that binds them together over time and distance. Their travails aren't anything new (a forbidden love, a parent's remarriage, a friend's illness and sexual awakening), at least not to anyone who's already reached adulthood, but their stories are intelligently told with humor, honesty and heart. The girls are so good, including Jenna Boyd, that the adults in the piece come off as amateurs, which I guess is sort of the point. The plot includes some pretty melodramatic sequences – they are teenagers after all – that are nicely tempered by the deft acting of the leads. While each of their situations helps them mature, the film is more fun and energetic when they're together. It's not every day that films are made for young women that show positive role models and a real treat when they're entertaining and well-crafted as well. This film doesn't break any new ground, but most females won't really care.