Steve Zahn
Jack Black
Jason Biggs
Amanda Peet
Amanda Detmer
R. Lee Ermey
Neil Diamond

Dennis Dugan

Wayne: You're not're just confused.
J.D.: Yes, I am gay. Oh HEY! Do you wanna be gay with me?!
Wayne: NO!!!!!
Time: 90 mins.
Rating: PG-13
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Genre: Comedy
CAPSULE REVIEW –– A film that throws in every comic oddity in an effort to be wacky and hysterical. While it has its' funny moments – mainly due to the underappreciated comic brilliance of Zahn and Black – the film is so disjointed as a whole it's hard to enjoy. The movie centers on the antics of Zahn and Black as they try to save their friend, played by Biggs, from the evil clutches of Amanda Peet. Unfortunately, Biggs isn't on screen enough to become a full-fledged character. He's dominated by everyone in the film, so there's never any clear sense why Peet or the boys would fight so hard to have him in their lives. Granted he's the lead singer in their Neil Diamond tribute band (Diamond makes a great cameo appearance), but that seems to be his only value. This is the film's major flaw. The only reason we care about the battle between the dimwits and the bitch is because it's funny to see the boys get kicked around by a girl. Not because we want Biggs to be happy. More care and concern seemed to be placed on Peet's outfits than her performance. As Judith, she's more off putting than entrancing, which I guess is the point, but isn't much fun to watch. To really work, this movie needed to be darker or sillier. As it stands, the overcooked plot, bad acting and undefined leading man leave the audience with no real reward. Only fans of Zahn or Black will find anything worth laughing about here.