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"I've been abra-cadabra'd into a Fancy Feasting second-rate sidekick!"
Time: 93 mins.
Rating: PG
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Genre: Animation/Comedy
SYNOPSIS: In order to get back to his life in the swamp, Shrek must bring back the last heir to Far Far Away, a sulky teen named Artie. While Shrek's off with Donkey and Puss, Prince Charming forcefully takes over the kingdom, kidnaps the pregnant Fiona and plots Shrek's ultimate demise.

BOTTOM LINE: The third time is not the charm when it comes to Shrek's reappearance on the big screen. While it's most definitely not going to be the worst movie of the summer, it doesn't live up to the excitement, ingenuity and fun of the first two films. Mostly because there's just not enough Shrek being Shrek and too many human characters being annoying. The creators seem to have forgotten that Shrek is an ogre, which is where all the fun, and frankly, the fear comes in. He's lost his bite and that's a real shame. Does anyone really what to see him attempting to relate to a teenager by talking "dope"? It's ridiculous, but not in the way it's supposed to be. While the plot gives Shrek something to do, the journey isn't a particularly interesting one. Neither is Charming's bid to, once again, take over the throne.

Due to all the time wasted on Shrek bonding with Artie (I know it's to show him that he can be a good parent), the series' two best supporting characters, Donkey and Puss, are relegated to the wayside. Having them switch bodies is an even further travesty. It's been done before and brings nothing new to the table here. Though I was horrified at the thought of a Shrek baby, I'm now sad that they waited until the end of the film to use them. Shrek's nightmare about parenting is the highpoint of the film and having Charming use the babies along with Fiona to snare Shrek would have amped up the danger/silliness quotient. Fiona has always been able to take care of herself, so her being in Charming's clutches just wasn't enough to make me care. However, her capture leads to the "Princess Squad's" escape and attack on the castle, which is another exceedingly clever sequence. All in all, the film isn't terrible, it's just puts too much energy into hip/inside jokes and not enough into further developing the characters that count.