Will Smith
Robert DeNiro
Renee Zellweger
Jack Black
Martin Scorsese
Angelina Jolie
Katie Couric
Doug E. Doug
Peter Falk
Michael Imperioli

Bibo Bergeron

"What did you expect? You just take credit for killing a shark and then everything would be fine and dandy?"
Time: 90 mins.
Rating: PG
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Genre: Animated Comedy
While certainly no SHREK, Shark Tale is a film that the whole family will enjoy. Itís filled with unusual characters, fantastically colorful animation and jokes for adult and child alike. The story centers on the friendship of a fish named Oscar (voiced by Smith) and his unlikely new best friend, a shark named Lenny (Black). Neither is happy with their lot in life – Oscar dreams of fame and fortune and Lenny dreams of being loved instead of feared. A fatal accident to Lennyís brother Frankie – a vicious man-eater every father would be proud of – gives both Oscar and Lenny the futures they always wanted. Unfortunately, their big lie – that Oscar killed Frankie – quickly spirals out of control, placing both on the hit list of Lennyís father, Don Lino (DeNiro), the scourge of the under sea world. Oscarís inflated attitude also alienates his one true friend Angie (Zellweger), who loved him for the little fish that he was. Thereís nothing particularly new about this story (lying doesnít bring true satisfaction), but it has a good message for kids to learn. Itís occasionally heavy-handed, however, for the most part the lively animation and quick quips help keep the story moving along. The filmís main problem is Oscar. His motivations are less than admirable and his change of heart never manages to feel sincere. If it werenít for Angie and Lenny, this film would have little humor and even less heart. That being said there's something truly unforgettable about hearing De Niro's voice coming out of an animated shark. Ditto for Scorcese. Their cameos add real class and big laughs to this fish tale. A good-looking film that's fun, but not memorable.