Kerry Fox
Ewan McGregor
Christopher Eccleston
Ken Stott
Keith Allen
Colin McCredie

Danny Boyle

"Oh, yes, I believe in friends, I believe we need them, but if, one day, you find you can't trust them any more, well, what then, what then?"
Time: 93 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Thriller/Black Comedy
CAPSULE REVIEW –– There's just something more darkly funny about British thrillers than those created on American soil. We can't hold a candle to our brethren across the pond when it comes to creating humor out of unsettling subject matters. Maybe I'm living in the wrong place. SHALLOW GRAVE is certainly more of a thriller than a comedy, but it still has its' harshly, amusing moments. The story centers on three arrogant roommates and their attempt to find a fourth person to share their flat. The interview process is brutal – they make fun of anyone who doesn't meet their standard of cool – giving an inkling of what is to come. They manage to find a keeper, however, he dies before they get to know anything about him. The bigger surprise is the significant amount of cash they find in his room, the possession of which slowly turns these solid friends into greedy enemies. The moral dilemma is dissolved by their attempts to hide the money from the police and the dead man's associates, as well as each other. It's a cat and mouse game that will have you on the edge of your seat wondering who's going to emerge the victor. What's amazing about this film is the transition these three normal friends make from squeamish to sadistic. Not only is it completely believable, but a good deal of fun...if you like murder, mayhem and deception. McGregor's wicked turn is an added bonus. Not the usual, obvious fare.