Tony Curtis
Natalie Wood
Henry Fonda
Lauren Bacall
Mel Ferrer
Fran Jeffries
Otto Kruger
Edward Everett Horton

Richard Quine

Time: 110 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Romantic Comedy
CAPSULE REVIEW –– It's hard to imagine a film with such a risque title being so boring, yet somehow it is. Mostly because what starts as a clever and outrageous sex romp slowly degenerates into a tired, over-the-top salute to marriage. Not that there's anything wrong with marriage, it's just that the title characters are both supposed to be so against it their final turnaround is beyond ridiculous. Wood plays Helen, a 23-year-old doctor of psychology, famous for her research into the sex lives of single woman. Curtis plays an amoral magazine writer who'll print anything to boost circulation. He considers his initial story about her lack of experience in the field tame compared to the follow up he's planning. To get the real scoop he pretends to be a married man in need of counselling, using the real problems of his neighbor's Frank (Fonda) and Sylvia (Bacall) as fodder for his sessions with Helen. The only problem is he falls in love with her. Qu'elle surprise. The two lead couples actually have great chemistry together, but that's about the only thing worthwhile in this obvious farce. Everyone's trying so hard to be sexy and funny that the affair falls flat. As if the "wacky" machinations weren't enough to kill the mood, the final 20-minute car chase filled with love and devotion does the trick. What a terrific waste of talent.