Neve Campbell
Courtney Cox
David Arquette
Jerry O'Connell
Jamie Kennedy
Jada Pinkett
Sarah Michelle Geller
Liev Schreiber
Omar Epps
Laurie Metcalf
Heather Graham

Timothy Olyphant

Wes Craven

"It's a perfect example of life imitating art imitating life."
Time: 120 mins.
Rating: R
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Genre: Horror
Originally composed as a trilogy, I really have no idea where they are going to try to take this series next, but I'll be there with bells on when the 3rd one appears in theaters. It goes without saying that this installment is not as good as the first – that's what they count on and make fun of throughout the movie. This way they deflect a lot of criticism by making fun of themselves first. No sequel is ever as great as it's original, unless it's a continuing story, because it's hard to match the humor and intensity from one piece to the next. However, Scream 2 does work, mainly because it's kept it's core group (writer, director, actors, at least some of them) together. What's great about Craven and Kevin Williamson (the writer) is they're not afraid to break the constraints of cinema wide open – like killing off the semi-famous members of the cast in the first ten minutes of the movie.

That said, the story picks up two years later at Sidney's college campus on the opening weekend of "Stab" the film made about the murders which took place in the first film. I told you they were clever. In any case, as with any horror movie, people start to die and Sidney is at the center of it yet again. Some of the murder victims you peg from the beginning and others are unexpected. I'm not going to be specific since that would ruin the movie for you. For the most part the murders are bloody and not surprising, however, there are several escape sequences (Sidney trapped in a car with the killer) that will truly make your skin crawl. Craven is a master at that and this film is no exception. The ending was somewhat disappointing and a lot more predictable than the one in the first film, but still amusing nonetheless. It definitely has a surprise element, but it's not really all that big a deal (if you watch closely).

Most of the acting was right on par with just one performance, that by Laurie Metcalf, which was totally out of place and way over the top even for a horror movie. Everyone else acted like they totally believed what was going on, which is one of the keys to a success flick in this genre. I don't know what film she thought she was in, but the "bug eyes" have got to go. If you like horror movies and enjoy a good scare, Scream 2 should satisfy your craving.