Brenda Blethyn
Craig Ferguson
Martin Clunes
Valerie Edmond
Tcheky Karyo
Jamie Foreman
Bill Bailey
Trisan Sturrock
Clive Merrison
Leslie Phillips

Nigel Cole

Time: 94 mins.
Rating: R
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Genre: Comedy
CAPSULE REVIEW –– A typical British comedy filled with the usual cast of eccentric, small town folks that generates a few laughs and genuine good will. It helps if you find marijuana jokes funny, but there's enough of a story to keep most people interested anyway. The plot centers around a middle-aged widow, played by Blethyn, who's left with a mountain of debt after her husband commits suicide. She had no idea he was cheating her financially as well as sexually. Desperate to save her home, she hatches a scheme with her gardener Matthew, played by Ferguson, to turn his personal pot plant into a small fortune. Grace knows it's wrong to cultivate marijuana and if they get caught with the amount they're growing they'll go to jail for years, but it's the only way they can win financial freedom. The plan goes well for awhile, with all the townspeople looking the other way, but trouble comes knocking after Grace meets up with a handsome, dangerous drug dealer (Karyo). Her story ends well, but not at all in the way you'd think. There's nothing highly original about this tale, but it's well-crafted, well-acted and has some wonderfully amusing moments. The friendship between Grace and Matthew is what gives the film heart. That and Grace's naivité. She's the nicest drug dealer you'll ever find on film. A fun, pot-fueled romp.