Kevin Bacon
Elizabeth McGovern
Alec Baldwin
William Windom
Paul Gleason
Holland Taylor
Cathryn Damon
Dennis Dugan
Edie McClurg
Isabel Lorca

John Hughes

Time: 106 mins.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama
CAPSULE REVIEW –– John Hughes grows up in this comic tale about a young man's struggle to mature in the face of marriage and impending fatherhood. Kevin Bacon is perfectly cast as the loving husband not quite willing to give up his dreams of bachelorhood. He's 100% committed to his wife, he just isn't quite ready to move on to the next step. Not wanting to create waves he agrees to start trying to get pregnant. which only makes his anxiety worse...and more amusing. Sex becomes a chore and his wife a mess of hormones he can't ever seem to please. The baby has already changed his life and it hasn't even arrived. Things only get worse once she becomes pregnant, culminating in an intense birth scene that teaches our hero the value of his marriage. It may take two to make a baby, but this is Bacon's show all the way. He steals your heart with his energy, honesty and intelligence. By using everyday situations, Hughes makes the humor all the more approachable and funny. Bacon's actions aren't always likable, but you can't really blame him for feeling the way he does. Parenthood is a huge step, and though this is a comedy, it treats the situation with the respect it deserves. Though the film misfires at points, it is overall an enchanting story about life, love and starting a family.