Arnold Schwarzenegger
Maria Conchita Alonso
Yaphet Kotto
Richard Dawson
Jim Brown
Marvin J. McIntyre
Jesse Ventura
Edward van Lidth
Gus Rethwisch

Paul Michael Glaser

"I'm not into politics. I'm into survival."
Time: 101 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Science Fiction/Action
CAPSULE REVIEW –– I'm not an overly huge fan of Arnold. However, every once in a while I just get in the mood to watch a film with some good ass-whoopin'...and there was no one better at it in the 80s and early 90s than him. This film came in the beginning of his career before he was an international superstar or had learned how to act. It's not the worst of his flicks, but it certainly isn't one I would consider revisiting. What makes it slightly less than average, besides the C-list of co-stars, is the total lack of any depth to the plot. Sure, THE TERMINATOR may have been mostly a chase film, but at least it had a story and characters that were more than just game show fodder. You get very little background about this future world and even less about it's inhabitants. All we know about Arnold's character is that he proved on one occasion that he had a conscience. Somehow that's just not enough for me. Since he's the hero you have to root for him and it's fun to watch him kick butt. Unfortunately, that alone does not a good movie make. Richard Dawson gives a smarmy, arrogant performance as the ubur-game show host more concerned with ratings than the truth, but he's just not truly evil enough to make a great villain. There's nothing outstanding about this effort, however, if you're a fan of Arnold, you probably won't be too disappointed.