Steve Martin
Daryl Hannah
Rick Rossovich
Shelley Duvall
John Kapelos
Fred Willard
Max Alexander
Steve Mittleman
Damon Wayans
Matt Lattanzi

Fred Schepisi

"It's not the size of the nose that matters, it's what's inside that counts!"
Time: 107 mins.
Rating: PG
Genre: Romantic Comedy
CAPSULE REVIEW –– This may not be the funniest film Martin has ever done, but it certainly is one of the most romantic. I just wish he had a co-star worthy of his talent. Hannah made her career in Hollywood mainly off her looks and from what I've seen of her films, her performance here is one of her best. It goes without saying that her character is the most beautiful woman in town. Her mere presence turns most of the men into blithering idiots. It's also no surprise that Martin's character would be physically attracted to her. Unfortunately, even though the writers give her a decent enough character, she just doesn't project much charisma. Certainly not enough to keep the interest of an intelligent, if somewhat probiscus-challenged, gentlemen like Martin. The film is a modern day retelling of the Cyrano de Bergerac tale and the biggest laughs are garnered by Martin and Rossivich as they try to convince Hannah that Rossivich isn't as dumb as he looks. Why Rossivich feels the need to impress a woman like Hannah with intellectual banter is beyond me. Martin's sweet and poignant performance is the heart of this picture and the only reason the film is at all watchable. His character is well-rounded, funny, smart and a true romantic. A light, entertaining film that tickles the funny bone and touches the heart. A must-see for Martin fans.