Dennis Quaid
Rachel Griffiths
Jay Hernandez
Beth Grant
Angus T. Jones
Brian Cox
Rick Gonzalez
Chad Lindberg
Angelo Spizzirri

John Lee Hancock

"You know what we get to do today, Brooks? We get to play baseball."
Time: 127 mins.
Rating: G
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Genre: Family/Drama/Baseball
CAPSULE REVIEW –– Quaid turns what could have been a sappy film about dreams coming true into an honestly emotional and quietly inspirational tale. His subtle performance turns this true story into a deeper and more touching experience than it should have been. The basic plot about a small town teacher who finally realizes his goal to pitch for a major league team is only new and different because the lead character is 35-years-old when it happens. Jimmy is a family man who had his shot when he was young, but injuries kept him from ever joining the big leagues. As coach of his local high school baseball team, he tries to inspire his lackadaisical players into making something of themselves, to strive to be the best they can be. When they accomplish their goal – to make it to the regional finals – the focus turns on him and his wicked fastball. His promise to tryout turns his life upside down and puts his unspoken dreams within reach. It's a hard road to that defining moment where everything finally comes together. Like Jimmy's 98 mph fastball, much of this film is a pleasant surprise. His success is more touching because it's unexpected and appreciated for the miracle that it is. A funny, sweet, life-affirming film the whole family can enjoy.