Doris Day
Jack Carson
Janis Paige
Don DeFore
Oscar Levant
S.Z. Sakall
Fortunio Bonanova
Leslie Brooks

Michael Curtiz

"When a woman is married she has to flirt twice as prove she's still got it."
Time: 99 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Romance/Comedy/Musical

Academy Award nominations for Best Song and Best Score.
SYNOPSIS: A socialite and her husband, who both think the other is cheating, devise separate schemes to catch their spouse in the act. She enlists the aid of a travel-obsessed nightclub singer to pretend to be her on a cruise to South America, while she stays home to watch her husband. He hires a detective to spy on his "wife" while she's on vacation. The only problem is the detective and the "wife" fall in love, causing real chaos between the couple.

BOTTOM LINE: As Day's first foray onto the big screen this musical comedy isn't half bad. It's not the best high seas romance ever made, yet it does give Day a chance to show off not only her beautiful voice but her sense of humor as well. Carson, who began his career as the second banana, got some breaks in the late 40s that cast him as the leading man. He doesn't leave much of an impression, but oozes as much charm and yearning as the next guy towards a woman he supposedly can't have. Though not the biggest stars of the day, they have a sweet chemistry that carries the picture. Unfortunately the film screeches to halt whenever they're not onscreen together, which is enough to pop the magic bubble. Paige and DeFore, as the couple with serious trust issues, try their best to make their marriage seem worth fighting for, but they just don't seem to care very much about one another. It's more about saving face than saving their relationship. There's nothing about the plot that disinguishes it from any other one that uses mistaken identity as a romantic ploy, however, Day's glowing presence and mesmerizing singing make up for a lot. As does Oscar Levant's sly and unrelenting courtship of Day, who only loves him as a friend, much to his constant dismay. An enjoyable effort for a first-time performance.