Greta Garbo
Lewis Stone
Gavin Gordon
Elliot Nugent
Florence Lake
Clara Blandick
Henry Armetta
Mathilde Comont
Rina De Liguoro

Clarence Brown

Time: 76 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Romance/Drama

Academy Award nominations for Best Actress and Best Director.
CAPSULE REVIEW –– Another chance to watch Garbo's luminous face is about the only reason to sit through this old-fashioned love story. Granted it was filmed over 70 years ago, but that doesn't necessarily mean the ideas it promotes should be automatically rendered useless to modern day audiences. Unfortunately, the film's preachy, tired nature does just that. The story centers on the doomed romance between Garbo, a worldly opera singer, and Harry, a small town cleric played by Nugent. Though she's totally wrong for him – she's not exactly the Virgin Mary – she can't resist his handsome face and sweet nature. Her ex-lover (Stone) warns her to break off the friendship before it goes too far. Harry is far too pious to ever marry a woman of her dubious background. Having never experienced love like this, she refuses to let him go, a decision that results in bitter heartbreak for all concerned. The chemistry between Garbo and Nugent is good enough to carry the film, however, his character is so high-minded you're glad they don't stay together. As a man of God, Nugent's unwillingness to love and forgive an unchaste woman makes him a hypocrite, as well as occasionally unlikable. Garbo makes up for his meanness with passion, intelligence, grace and honesty. She creates a woman of distinction, regardless of her past. Her performance here proves that even morally loose women can have class. A film only big Garbo fans will love.