Bing Crosby
Bob Hope
Dorothy Lamour
Murvyn Vye
Peter Coe
Ralph Moody
Leon Askin

Hal Walker

"I get the jewels. I get the princess. I couldnít happen to a nicer girl."
Time: 91 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Comedy/Musical
Hope and Crosby mug their way across the South Pacific, battling each other for the love and fortune of an island princess played by Dorothy Lamour. Thereís nothing new about the direction of this tale, which begins with our fair-weather friends fighting over a girl and ends the same way (though the girl is different). To escape marriage in Australia, our heroes accept jobs as deep-sea fishermen, hoping to change their luck and romance a few ladies while in a tropical locale. They immediately succumb to the charms of Princess Lala, though her leadership canít protect them from the evil intentions of her nefarious cousin Ken Arok (Vye). Their dangerous mission to recover her fatherís long lost chest of jewels is successful, but forces them to flee from Arokís murderous clutches. Things quickly go from bad to worse when they are shipwrecked on another island and left to fend for themselves. It doesnít take long for Arok to resurface and their future looks dim until Mother Nature steps in. The trio escapes yet again, leaving them with only one final problem: Whom will Princess Lala marry? Letís just say, in the world of love, crooning beats comedy every time. Since this is their 4th ROAD picture the chemistry is well established and the ride, though familiar still holds itsí charms. Nobody delivers a one-liner like Hope and few singers can belt out a love song like Crosby. They clearly enjoy playing off each other and that makes this run-of-the-mill story work better than it should. I find the allure of Lamour puzzling, but sheís sweet and funny enough to carry her share of the load. Not the best in the series, but the pace of the story and the clever jokes make the film a pleasant way to pass an afternoon.