Christian Bale
Matthew McConaughey
Izabella Scorupco
Gerard Butler
Scott Moutter
David Kennedy
Alexander Siddig
Ned Dennehy
Rory Keenan
Terence Maynard

Rob Bowman

"Only one thing worse than a dragon... Americans."
Time: 101 mins.
Rating: PG-13
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Genre: Action/Fantasy
While the idea behind this film – actual fire-breathing dragons returning to wreak havoc over the modern world – is fairly unique and interesting, the actual product suffers from too much action and not enough plot. Since the creatures are mindless killing machines, there’s nothing that can be done to make them more compelling villains; which is why the human characters and their history should have been explored more deeply to give those watching a reason to care for their survival. After watching many apocalyptical films, the possible extinction of the human race is just not exciting enough anymore. Bale plays the level-headed hero Quinn, a man who, as a boy, was at ground zero for the dragons current emergence and who is merely trying to outlast their reign of terror. His quiet bid for survival is interrupted by a group of American marines who are tired of hiding and have come to England to take on the daddy of all of dragons – the one Alpha male residing in London. McCounaghey is compellingly crazy as the leader of this rag-tag fleet, who refuses to shy away from danger, forcing Quinn to reassess his role in this fight. This should come as no surprise and neither will anything else. They fight dragons, some people die, but eventually their crazy plan works and the world is saved once more. The burned-out gothic art direction is visually interesting, the dragons are kick-ass (though one wishes for more) and the action scenes are adequately exciting; however, the plot brings nothing new to the genre and the characters are too familiar to keep you fully engaged. This isn't a terrible action/fantasy it just fails to fulfill the promise of it's very original premise.