John Wayne
Montgomery Clift
Joanne Dru
Walter Brennan
Coleen Gray
Harry Carey
John Ireland
Noah Berry Jr.
Harry Carey Jr.
Chief Yowlachie
Paul Fix

Howard Hawks

"We brought nothing into the world and it's certain we'll take nothing out."
Time: 133 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Western/Romance/Drama

Academy Award nominations for Best Film Editing and Best Screenplay.
CAPSULE REVIEW –– The most amazing thing about this movie is that it's Montgomery Clift's first film role. His performance here is exceptional and reveals the immense talent he was about to show. The filmmakers were worried about casting him, however, because at the end of the film he has to go toe to toe with the Duke. This scrawny kid makes their final confrontation, not only believable, but gripping as well. RED RIVER has everything one comes to expect from a great Western – breathtaking panoramas, desperate bids for survival, pride in the land, gun fights, betrayal, indian raids, and John Wayne. This tale has the Duke, as the biggest cattle rancher in Texas, forced to move his herd thousands of miles in order to keep total bankruptcy at bay. The drive to Missouri has never been successfully undertaken, but that fact doesn't stop him. He's going to make it, if he has to die trying, which puts him at severe odds with most of his men, including his adopted son Matthew (Clift) and his faithful ranch hand Groot (Brennan). The men revolt forcing a final showdown with their old boss, who's threatened to kill them all. A classic story of survival, loyalty and sacrifice that works only because of the entrancing charisma of its two leading men. Their performances are what makes this film a must-see.