Patrick Swayze
C. Thomas Howell
Lea Thompson
Charlie Sheen
Darren Dalton
Jennifer Grey
Brad Savage
Doug Toby
Harry Dean Stanton
William Smith
Powers Booth

John Milius

"You think you're so smart, man. You're just a bunch of scared kids."
Time: 114 mins.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: War/Action
CAPSULE REVIEW –– I hate to admit it, but I saw this film several times in the theater when it first came out. My puppy love for Sheen and Howell clouded my teenage judgement. The film was released during the Cold War, when the possibility of the Russians invading America was a distinct reality. Those were the days when the Soviets mere presence on the planet gave one nightmares of nuclear destruction. The first half hour of this film brings the unthinkable – the battle line being drawn on US soil – to life in a pretty dramatic way. It's what happens after the invasion that's hard to swallow. A group of high schoolers, led by Swayze, escapes from the occupying forces and bands together to fight back and kick some Soviet ass. If the dialogue wasn't so completely overly patriotic and corny, this would be a better movie. Swayze and company do the best jobs they can, but the film traps them into roles with few emotional variables. They get to play angry, bitter, upset and seriously pissed off. However, we do get a love story to keep the young ladies interested, and a show of true brotherly love, which helps break up the testosterone fest. A grand idea that never comes together despite the actors best efforts. A one-note film that oozes 80s excess. See for a laugh and a look at our once myopic world view.