Mel Gibson
Rene Russo
Brawley Nolte
Gary Sinise
Delroy Lindo
Lili Taylor
Liev Schreiber
Donnie Wahlberg
Evan Handler
Nancy Ticotin

Ron Howard

"You would pay to keep your airline, why won't you pay for your son?"
Time: 117 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Drama/Action
CAPSULE REVIEW –– Certainly this is Ron Howard's darkest film and he almost makes it into a great thriller. However, due to the trailer, the film's biggest surprise twist is over before you've even sat down in the theater. Sure the fact that he puts a bounty on the head of the kidnappers is great drama and teases the audience into wanting to see the movie, however, it also ruins the entire 3rd act, making the declaration far less powerful than it would have been had it remained a secret. Howard is usually a wonderful director, but it's clear as you get further and further into this harrowing story of kidnapping, that he never quite connected with the material. This film had the potential, with its amazing cast, to really knock your socks off, but Howard refuses to give full reign to his dark side which neuters this tale from the get go. Maybe he doesn't have one. I never felt that the child's life was in real danger and that's the film's major flaw. The mastermind behind the kidnapping was no big surprise to me either, which is why the reveal blown in the trailer was so important. Brawley Nolte gives a heartbreaking turn, especially after he's been rescued. All that being said, this is a taught, well-directed, well-acted film that will keep your interest. It's just doesn't have the bite to make it truly memorable.