Laurence Olivier
Marilyn Monroe
Richard Wattis
Jeremy Spenser
Sybil Thorndike
David Horne
Daphne Anderson
Paul Hardwick
Jean Kent

Anthony Bushell
Laurence Olivier

Time: 117 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Romantic Comedy
CAPSULE REVIEW –– What starts out as a charming romp, co-starring what has to be one of classic cinema's oddest romantic pairings, ends about a half hour too late. It's certainly not the worst romantic comedy ever, but the quality of the story is vastly below the talent involved. Monroe was the bigger draw at the time and her sweetly silly performance is the only reason to watch this misguided effort. Besides being sex personified in a tight white dress, which gets somewhat tiresome as the film progresses, she is surprisingly smart, funny and endearing. There's just enough of a story to give the actors something to do, not enough of one to keep us interested. Prince meets Showgirl, is appalled when the assumedly dim bulb rebuffs his "charming" self, yet is eventually won over by her no-nonsense style. Monroe and Olivier make the most of what they're given, playing off one another's strengths wonderfully. Unfortunately, they have almost no sexual chemistry, which really hurts the pic. When they're being funny, the film works, when romantic, not so much. Though the main problem with the film is its' length. The whole political intrigue subplot is totally unnecessary and makes this lighthearted romance drag on and on. This would have been a real gem if they just stuck to their attempts at capturing love. Mainly for Monroe fans.