Uma Thurman
Meryl Streep
Bryan Greenberg
Jon Abrahams
Zak Orth
Annie Parisse
Aubrey Dollar
Jerry Adler

Ben Younger

"I gotta tell you, you are making me nervous in way I am not familiar with."
Time: 105 mins.
Rating: PG-13
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Genre: Romantic Comedy
SYNOPSIS: A woman in her late 30s begins a relationship with a 20ish young man who, unknown to her, just happens to be her therapistís son. Once she discovers the identity of her patientís new lover the therapist is torn between her professional duty and her protective instincts.

BOTTOM LINE: A clever concept and inventive casting canít keep this trifle of a loverís triangle from being more ho-hum than humorous. While the plot allows for a lot of interesting exposition on how much age really matters when it comes to creating a successful relationship, it never develops any new ideas. Rather it settles on the same old tried and true reasons why people come together (mutual attraction) and drift apart (differing life goals and expectations). Thurman is sweet and luminous as a woman torn between her physical needs and her emotional desires. One can hardly blame her when she gives into Greenbergís youthful charms and attentive nature. In fact, if I looked like her, Iíd dip into the kiddie pool every once and awhile, too.

Unfortunately for the film, their connection is tenuous at best, mostly played for laughs, which strips the believability of their forging a future together of any true depth. Without a bit of realism, the inevitability of their parting loses the poignancy the film was striving to attain. The best scenes have Thurman pouring her heart out to Streep, whose character is thoroughly horrified at hearing the details of the affair, and yet forced to try to help her client find emotional happiness – even if it means being with her son. Streep does her best with a role thatís beneath her considerable talents. If she was looking for something light, then she found it. She has a nice connection with Thurman, but despite their efforts itís just not smart or funny enough to justify their presence. This is the type of chick flick youíd find on Lifetime and quickly forget. They raise the quality, but unless youíre a diehard fan, itís not worth the time.