Gene Kelly
Judy Garland
Walter Slezak
Gladys Cooper
Reginald Owen
George Zucco
Lester Allen
Lola Deem
Ellen Ross
Mary Jo Ellis
Jean Dean
Marion Murray

Vincente Minnelli

"I wish you'd stop circling me. It's like talking to a top!"
Time: 102 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Musical/Romance/Drama

Nomination for Best Score.
While this second pairing of Kelly and Garland gives each of them a chance to shine, its' bloated story and stagy production design detracts from the simple joys of their talents – his dancing and her singing. Their chemistry is also somewhat subdued by the wacky machinations of a script made more convoluted than it needs to be. Garland stars as Manuela, a young woman promised by her aunt in marriage to Don Pedro (Slezak), a wealthy, older man and the town mayor. She has only one request before the nuptials: to set her eyes upon the blue waters of the Carribbean. Her secret romantic hope, while strolling by the shore, is that she will meet and be swept off her feet by the dreaded pirate Macoco. Instead, she is wantonly pursued, to her obvious disgust, by Serafin (Kelly), a clown in town with a traveling vaudeville troupe. Though they just met, Manuela is the most beautiful woman Serafin has ever encountered and he's not about to let her marry anyone but him. Serafin tries to seduce her with romance and music, but Manuela's heart is not so easily turned. Little does she know her dream of marrying Macocco is closer than she thinks. Unwilling to lose, Serafin sets a dangerous plot in motion that eventually exposes the secret identity of the renegade bandit. Unfortunately, his ploy to trick Manuela into believing he's the dreaded pirate almost ends his chances with her permanently. While THE PIRATE has some wonderful musical numbers, the constant confusion of who's tricking whom wears thin rather quickly. Kelly and Garland clearly enjoy working together, bringing great energy to the proceedings, yet I still found myself more bored than amused. For fans only.