PAL JOEY (1957) 
Frank Sinatra
Rita Hayworth
Kim Novak
Barbara Nichols
Bobby Sherwood
Hank Henry
Elizabeth Patterson

George Sidney



Time: 111 Mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Musical/Romance

AWARDS: Academy Award nominations for Best Art Direction, Costume Design, Film Editing and Sound.

CAPSULE REVIEW –– Sinatra teams up with two of Hollywood's sexiest leading ladies – the red-hot Hayworth and the cool-blonde Novak – in this by the numbers musical. Frank plays Joey Evans a talented singer infamous for his way with the ladies, which usually lands him out of a job. He's determined to turn over a new leaf in San Francisco, to finally make something of himself. He promises to bring in high class customers, but is more interested in wooing one of the chorus girls.

Linda (Novak) is a talented and classy young woman who wants nothing to do with Joey – at first. His easy charm soon has her and Ms. Simpson (Hayworth), a wealthy widow, on the hook. However, by using himself as the bait, he ends up with one of them controlling his heart and the other his career. Joey's torn between his naked ambition and seeing Linda naked. It's not hard to guess which desire wins.

Hayworth and Novak present an interesting contrast through their characters, a true changing of the goddess guard. Both are strong, intelligent, decent women wrapped in intense sex appeal, it's just a shame they aren't given much more to do than be pretty. They both, however, do manage to scrape up some wonderful moments. Sinatra is his usual charming self, though he never really connects emotionally with either of the ladies, so his "struggle" (they are both gorgeous so it's not much of a dilemma) fails to reach the heart. Of course with that voice and those dames, most viewers won't care. An enjoyable flick with entertaining songs and a good sense of humor.




Linda English: Why do people drink when you feel so awful the morning after?

Joey Evans: Maybe because it feels so good the night before.

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