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Cary Grant
Tony Curtis
Joan O'Brien
Dina Merrill
Gene Evans
Dick Sargent
Virginia Gregg
Robert F. Simon
Robert Grist
Gavin MacLeod

Blake Edwards



Time: 124 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Comedy

Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

SYNOPSIS: A World War II comedy about a submarine commander who finds himself stuck with a decrepit (and pink) sub, a con-man executive officer and a group of army nurses.

BOTTOM LINE: Grant tries to keep his crew straight and his ship from sinking in this classic comedy about finding love on the high seas. Joined by the equally charming Tony Curtis, Grant plays a submarine captain attempting to join the fray in the Pacific at the end of WW2. Unfortunately his ship is worth more to a scrap yard than the war effort. With the help of Curtis's crafty and unscrupulous talents in the supply acquisition department, their broken down boat is soon on its' way to the front. However, before they reach the open water their voyage takes a quirky turn when they are forced to babysit a small group of nurses to whom Curtis "graciously" offered a ride. The presence of females is good for morale, but not for fighting a war. Grant is beside himself trying to stay afloat while keeping the nurses free from unwanted advances and safe from bodily harm. Initially, their presence only brings trouble, one mishap after another, but in the end their unique figures are what saves the day. Grant is perfect as the respectable and desperate captain who willingly turns a blind eye to Curtis's criminal activities. Anything to keep the ship moving. The tight spaces on the sub creates physical humor and sexual tension fairly tame by today's standards, but still clever enough to draw a laugh. Certainly not the best flick by either Grant or Curtis, however, together, they make this rather simple premise quite entertaining.

"When a girl is under 21, she's protected by law. When she's over 65, she's protected by nature. Anywhere in between, she's fair game."

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