OCEAN'S ELEVEN (1960) 

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Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin
Sammy Davis Jr.
Peter Lawford
Angie Dickinson
Richard Conte
Cesar Romero
Patrice Wymore
Joey Bishop
Akim Tamiroff
Henry Silva

Lewis Milestone



Time: 127 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Action/Caper/Crime

Academy Award nomination for Best Score.

SYNOPSIS: A band of soldier friends from the 82nd airborne regroup 15 years later to rob millions of dollars from five Las Vegas casinos. When one of the eleven's future step-father's learns who pulled the job, the crew must find a way to smuggle the loot out of town before their payoff is cut in half.

BOTTOM LINE: I have to admit to having a strange fascination with the Rat Pack. That's the only reason I sat through this occasionally funny heist pick. That and I wanted to see how the current version compared to the original. I'm usually a sucker for the classics, I think Clooney and company out-cooled the Chairman and his cronies. I expected the 1960 pic to have class and style. Unfortunately, it doesn't have much of either...which makes the thin plot and phoned-in performances even harder to watch. It's Frank's mystique and power that got this film made, giving the boys something to do to fill their downtime while they performed at night in Vegas. The lack of care shows. This isn't a bad film, it just isn't an exciting one, which is a problem for a heist flick. It has it's moments of humor, many at Davis's expense, but not enough to call it a comedy. Except for the Rat Packer's, all the rest of the characters kind of blend together, adding to the mediocrity. Sinatra's charisma is palpable, but he doesn't do anything with it. Vegas is unrecognizable, looking like a ghost town compared to the metropolis its' become. What saves this film from being a complete bore is the ending, a bittersweet, unexpected twist that makes the trip actually worthwhile.

"Oh, Danny. What a prize you are. The only husband in the world who'd proposition his own wife."

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