NINE MONTHS (1995) 

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Hugh Grant
Julianne Moore
Joan Cusack
Tom Arnold
Jeff Goldblum
Robin Williams
Mia Cottet

Chris Columbus



Time: 103 mins.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romantic Comedy

I should start this off by saying that I'm not a big fan of Chris Columbus' films. They are generally so middle-of-the-road I can't stand it. But if you like Hugh Grant and have absolutely nothing better to do, NINE MONTHS has some fairly funny moments that might tickle your fancy. Plus you couldn't get a better supporting cast than this. Williams, Goldblum and Cusack are always worth watching, especially when they're not the center of attention. Grant plays a man perfectly happy with his life until his girlfriend announces that she's pregnant. He tries to hide his dismay, but can't quite get behind the idea of loosing his freedom and having to actually grow up. He's completely self-centered and doesn't want to change his life. He's comfortable where he is and the baby is ruining everything. The fact that he's a child-psychologist doesn't help. Every child he has as a patient hates their parents, which doesn't exactly fill him with hope.

His best friend, played wickedly by Goldblum, is horrified at the idea of having a woman steal his manly essence. He can think of no worse a fate than being a father and runs from committment at the first sign of trouble. On the other end of the spectrum are Goldblum's inlaws, played by Cusack and Arnold, who, it seems, are trying to populate the world all by themselves. They can think of nothing better than bringing children into the world and love theirs with every fiber of their being. Unable to decide whether he wants to be a parent, the decision, like many in life, is taken out of his hands. Moore leaves him, not wanting to be with a man who isn't committed to being a father one hundred percent. He realizes too late what he's lost and tries for the rest of the film to win her back.

This film goes a long way on the charm of Hugh Grant and the antics of Arnold, Cusack and Williams. The final birth scene is one of the wackiest on record, running the emotional and physical gamut. With Williams and Arnold in a scene together it's going to be crazy. Moore has the thankless task of being the only sane person in this film and she makes the most of it. She fairly glows throughout and really gives the film it's emotional center. Moore and Grant have good chemistry and Grant really lets go in his scenes with Arnold. Overall, NINE MONTHS is a fairly broad comedy that couldn't offend anybody if it tried, which in my opinion is one of its problems. But if you're bored and want something fun to watch that won't tax your brain too much, it has some great moments that make it worth the time spent.

"You keep this up and you're gonna die alone. Like a dog. Like a bum. Like Van Gogh."

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