MYSTIC PIZZA (1988) 

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Annabeth Gish
Julia Roberts
Lili Taylor
Vincent D'Onofrio
Adam Stroke
William R. Moses
Conchata Ferrell
Joanna Merlin
Porscha Radcliffe

Donald Petrie



Time: 104 mins.
Rating: R
Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama

SYNOPSIS: Three best friends attempt to find love in between slinging pizzas.

BOTTOM LINE: The film is probably most well-known for introducing Julia Roberts to the big screen. Sure, she had a small role in SATISFACTION, but this is the flick that got her noticed. The story focuses on the trials and tribulations of three small-town waitresses as they try to find true love without losing their friendship or personal freedom. It's at times funny, tragic and sexy, though it could never be mistaken for anything more than a fluff piece. Roberts is joined by Taylor, as the marriage-shy Jo, and Gish, as her college-bound younger sister. It goes without saying that she's the girl all the men in town want to sleep with but few would consider marrying.

While slinging pizza at the best joint in town, they support each other as they learn the lessons of love. Jo loves Bill (D'Onofrio), but doesn't want to be just another fisherman's wife. Daisy (Roberts) romances a wealthy college boy (Stroke), who seems to be her only chance for a real future and Kat (Gish) unexpectedly finds herself with feelings for the married man (Moses) she babysits for – the only man in town who treats her like an adult woman. And the one who probably shouldn't. Their relationship starts sweet, but gets a little creepy since he's way too old for her and takes advantage of her trust and her heart.

There are some truly sweet, romantic and hilarious moments to be had, but the story pretty much runs a predictable course with each girl getting her heart's desire but not always with happy results. What keeps it entertaining is Roberts' ballsy energy, Taylor's quirky charm and Gish's sweet sincerity. Their friendship is palpable and the reason this film works so well. A pleasant enough romantic comedy that captures the heart, if not the imagination.

"Kat, such a good girl. Where did we go wrong with her sister Daisy?"

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