MR. & MRS. SMITH (1941) 

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Carole Lombard
Robert Montgomery
Gene Raymond
Jack Carson
Philip Merivale
Lucile Watson
William Tracy
Charles Halton
Esther Dale

Alfred Hitchcock



Time: 95 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Comedy/Romance

SYNOPSIS: When a married couple finds out their ceremony wasn't actually legal, they initally decide to go their separate ways, but find they belong together after all.

BOTTOM LINE: I can understand why Hitchcock wanted to take a break from all the madness, murder and mayhem that usually populates his films, but MR. & MRS. SMITH feels like he was trying a bit too hard to create a traditional Hollywood piece, causing him to leave behind all his best instincts. This fluffy, screwball comedy starring the exquisite Carole Lombard and the quirky Robert Montgomery tries to amuse us with their antics as a married couple who discovers, through a technicality, they aren't really married.

Things get out of hand, when Lombard decides she's glad their marriage was a fraud and begins dating Montgomery's law partner, a true gentlemen who treats her with respect, something she's not exactly used to. Once he sees her with a rival, Montgomery realizes that he truly loves his "wife" and does everything in his power to stop the new romance and win her back himself, so they can get married for real.

The problem with this film is that the storyline is fairly uninspired. While the general idea is a fascinating one, especially for those of us who have taken the plunge, the plot just doesn't have enough depth to keep one truly interested. Lombard and Montgomery bring spark and humor to this tried and true material of a couple who thinks they don't love each other, but can't live without one another, making it somewhat enjoyable at points, but they deserve better.

Just try to take your eyes off of Lombard. She was at the height of her talent and beauty here. Those tuning in because of Hitchcock will be sorely disappointed. This effort lacks everything that usually makes his film's entertaining – style, surprise and a wicked sense of humor. If you're looking for a laugh from the master, give THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY a turn, a true Hitchcock comedy.

Ann: "If you had it all to do over again, would you still have married me?"

David: "Honestly, no."

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