LOVE ON THE RUN (1936) 

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Joan Crawford
Clark Gable
Franchot Tone
Reginald Owen
Mona Barrie
Ivan Lebedeff
Charles Judels

W.S. Van Dyke



Time: 80 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Romantic Comedy

SYNOPSIS: An American heiress flees from her planned wedding to a Prince with a man whom she doesn't know is a reporter. When they steal an airplane in the process, they discover secret spy plans hidden inside that inadvertently embroil them in a spy chase.

BOTTOM LINE: This certainly isn't one of the most memorable Gable or Crawford flick, but their onscreen presence and chemistry overpower the thin plot, making this an enjoyable romantic comedy. The story is fairly simple: spoiled rich girl fleeing from a loveless relationship is "rescued" by a tabloid reporter who hides his identity and helps her escape. Wacky adventures follow as they try to keep ahead of the other reporters, namely one played by Franchot Tone, and two angry spies who are hot on their trail. She's devastated when she discovers his true occupation, but by then it's too late. She's found her prince charming. When her life is placed in grave danger – they have something the spies desperately want back – he realizes the lowliness of his news hound ways, quits his job and sets out to save her. After a few close calls, she winds up right where she belongs – in his arms. This film is about as light and frothy as they get, though the spy subplot does give it some weight. It's not at all believable, but it does add to the excitement and gives both stars something more to do than moon over each other. Gable and Crawford are wonderfully entertaining, hamming it up for the camera and making the most of their time together. There's nothing surprising to be found here, but fans of either star will enjoy themselves enough.

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